Frequently asked questions

What is The Power of 100 Girls?

The Power of 100 Girls is a "by and for girls" funding cirlce for girls and young women who are in 5th grade through college. Our Founders Circle provides a means for girls to participate in charitable giving by uplifting and empowering other girls, women, and their initiatives or efforts.

We believe that becoming early investors in their destinies and that of others, and at a young age, empowers girls and young women to become entrepreneurial catalysts in tangible ways that reverberate. My vision is to have chapters all over the world, where we no longer wait or ask for permission but boldly and purposefully create a world of our choosing.

Who can participate?

We currently welcome any female-identifying member from 5th grade up to senior year in college. That, and your desire to make a difference in the lives of other girls and women are all you need. Collectively, our founding circle members will review applications and decide how to award our scholarships or grants.

How do I get started or apply?

To join, click Membership for review, then complete the application. You will then be able to make your $100 (minimum) donation, which can be paid via online invoice with a credit/debit card, ACH bank transfer (preferred), or by mailing a check to our fiscal sponsor, Hack+. Although not required, should you decide to add more funds to cover our administrative costs (domain hosting, credit card processing fees, advertising), we thank you in advance for your generosity. Our plan is to seek sponsorships so this additional funding will not be required of members.

What happens once I am a Founders Circle member?

We will meet and continue to build until we have 100 members. From this base we will be building our leadership and board. Then we will request and review applications and collectively choose awardees.

Initially, meetings will occur at least monthly, but after funds are disbursed we will meet every other month or as decided by the Founders Circle.

Do our final awardees have to be girls or women?

The purpose of founding The Power of 100 Girls is specifically to support, uplift, and empower female-identifying candidates. Should we later wish to include male allies, this is an option that would be left for the majority of members to decide.

How can I become part of the Leadership Team?

When completing your application, you can indicate your interest in the Leadership Team and we will contact you.

How do I apply for a scholarship or grant?

If you are a female-identifying candidate or affiliated with a nonprofit that serves this demographic, our Founders Circle will announce our requirements and process. Keep checking our website, Facebook page, and Instagram for updates.

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications.

Can I still apply to be a Founders Circle member if I don't yet have $100?

Yes! Currently, Founders Circle members have a number of avenues for raising their $100 pledge during their one-year term. Ideas include:

1) Get Sponsored
Seek a sponsorship from a community organization (Rotary, Youth or Community Foundation, church, nonprofit, small business). 2) Fundraise Rasie your pledge via GoFundMe, earn allowance, community chores, mow neighbor's grass, run errands for senior citizens, friend / family loan, or sell 'The Power of 100' swag. 3) In-kind Volunteer to do graphic design, social media, write blogs, fundraising, or member recruitment. Get creative!

Can I receive community hours for my volunteer participation?


How can I sponsor The Power of 100 Girls?

We welcome sponsors and partners as we advance our mission! Contact us for a Prospectus or click the Sponsor link on our website to get started.